Our World Preview Center Participants are established companies that have partnered with World Preview Center to expand their business to other markets or increase their volume of sales with the services provided by World Preview Center.


Campo Belo Agropecuaria

Campo Belo is a Brazilian based wood company that possess approximately 6 Million Acres of land in Brazil. This land is dedicated to the production of lumber, charcoal, and numerous wood related products. Some of the products to be introduced to the United States markets are:



The Heart of Palm, which is the best palm of Brazil. These palm heart products do not contain chemistry in its formulation, it does not use any type of clarifier, preservative or bleach.


Vegetable Charcoal, obtained from the burning or carbonization of wood.  These coal in the world is the generation of electric energy through thermoelectric plants; the industrial application for the generation of the heat necessary to the production of processes, such as drying of products, ceramics, and glassmaking.



Wood Chip Biomass for the production of energy. Wood chips biomass is a source of renewable energy. It decreases the production of greenhouse gases with a lower acquisition cost, and lower environmental risk.








BrightView – ValleyCrest Landscape Companies

BrightView is able to design, develop, and maintain outdoor spaces that would increase the value of your property, influence buyers, and help save costs while protecting the environment. Their over 22,000 employees have experience working on golf courses, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and more.






Fruits De Mer – Select Europe

Since 1995, Select Europe is proud to have achieved a reputation for having some of the best ready made marinated seafood products as indicated by our consecutive winnings of The Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Award. Select Europe Ltd strives to retain the exquisite taste of our products by use of the traditional methods that have sealed the deliciousness of these dishes for centuries.  This has led them to win the Great Taste Awards 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 widely regarded as the “Fine Food Oscars.”




Blue Squid Solutions

Blue Squid Solutions, Inc. a full line of technology products from our Innovative Touchscreen Flight/Resort Information Kiosks to our Business Center and ID Scanning Solutions. Allowing you to easily add an in-house brand building, third party advertising and valuable destination information about local attractions and points of interest. Better service for your customers and a differentiator for your company.





Orlando HeliTours – Robinson Helicopters

Robinson Helicopters is the number one preferred helicopter in the United States. Orlando HeliTours is proud to be the authorized dealer of Robison Helicopters in Central Florida. Robison Helicopters have sold over 4700 units since its inception. Today, Robinson’s top sellers are its R44 and R66 helicopters. Both models are offered in a variety of configurations including float, Police, and ENG (Electric News gathering) versions.  Robinson Helicopter continues to make improvements and offer new technology for all of its models.






Tecnam Quality Aircraft Since 1948


Over 60 years of experience designing and building twin and single engine ai

aircraft, light sports aircraft, and advanced ultra-lights. Tecnam is the world’s largest producer of Light Sports Aircraft, with their best-selling models being P2002 or the P2006T Twin.

Tecnam has over 4500 aircraft flying worldwide, including 33 different models, in over 65 countries.




La Rosa Realty – Celebration

La Rosa offers the most competitive commission plan in the industry regardless of the market that you are in. They did not invent the 100% commission structure; they just recreated it to include the comprehensive tools and structure that has been vacant within the industry since its inception.





La Rosa Commercial Real Estate & Development

La Rosa Commercial is a Company that brings the multi facets of the evolving commercial real estate markets to help serve both investors and businesses with their commercial real estate needs. La Rosa Commercial would help you find the perfect location for your business, either leasing or buying, and find or build a space that would suit your company’s needs. La Rosa Commercial also offers a low-cost easy approach to property management to enable customers to save time and money while focusing on their business.





So Fruitty

So Fruitty’s hand-made frozen fruit bars are bursting with flavor because they’re made from the ripest, juiciest, and the freshest fruit. So Fruitty is a healthy, delicious, convenient, and calorie controlled snack you’ll love from the first taste. Today, So Fruitty has 12 flavors, including 2 Whey Protein bars, is gluten-free, and Non-GMO certified.




Imply Electronic Technology – Sports & Entertainment

Imply® is a Brazilian company with over 200 employees, offering a wide range of products and services in Access, Self Service, Entertainment, and Panels. With high technological development through a strong ability of R&D, Product Engineering, Software, and Hardware Development, Imply uses the most reliable technologies to design solutions to help our customers achieve new levels of performance. Their products range from bowling alleys, air hockey, hoops, and basketball arcade games system.






Juiced 2 Go

Juiced2Go™ is focused on the design, production, distribution, and delivery of an emergency mobile energy source that is convenient, small, lightweight, recyclable, cordless, competitively priced and capable of delivering an instant shot of emergency power to your mobile phone.





Samsung TV

Samsung has a broad variety of TVs and technology products that help customers interact with internet and applications and enjoy the best quality display to present products and services at any place of business. With one of the best-rated range of TV systems, Samsung provides a curved screen with a wider field of view, innovative designs, bringing the most vivid colors to the screen.






Osceola Heritage Park – SMG Worldwide Entertainment and Convention Venue Management

Osceola Heritage Park provides small and large size venues for rent to host events from all proportion in the Kissimmee Area, minutes away from the Disney Market Place. OHP possess a 60,000 square feet indoor space and 150 acres of outdoor space that allow them to have the flexibility host any kind of events to fit your needs. Osceola Heritage Park is administrated by SMG, the world leader in venue management, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for any kind of events.






BioGrow 365

BioGrow 365 is a complete natural all in one organic liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner containing a highly specialized microbiology that is environmentally safe. BioGrow 365 is multi purpose and can be used on gardens, row crops, pastures, hay fields, fruit trees, lawns, flowers, and ornamentals.  BioGrow 365 will not burn, is non-toxic and non-polluting. It can be delivered through any commonly used irrigation system including flood and drip feed systems. BioGrow 365 has been designed as a stand alone product and a replacement for all commonly used fertilizers, soil amendments, and microbial inoculants.





EL Sol De La Florida

El Sol de la Florida is one of the main media avenues of the state with a high presence in the cities of Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, Lakeland, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville. With 23 years of experience in the State of Florida, servicing the Hispanic Community.





Omnicrete International Inc.

Omnicrete provides to their Licensed Builders (General Contractor) a high-performance wall system that is an ”ICF-type” stay-in-place form, utilizing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) in place of Polystyrene. Their system has all the benefits of a solid concrete structure, plus much more which allows their Licensed Builders a clear advantage in the “Green, Sustainable and Net-Zero Energy” markets. This system also provides unbelievable energy saving results with a documented savings of up to 78.5% in Central Florida.





Ropes Courses Inc.

Ropes Courses, Inc. has been manufacturing, installing and servicing adventure course products since 1989. Sky Trail® ropes courses entertain guests in 24 different countries across 5 continents. These attractions suit a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues including amusement parks, zoos, family entertainment centers, malls, resorts and cruise ships. They are engineered with patented integrated systems that maximize safety and throughput, minimize staff and increase participant age range.





Italico Aviation – InnovAviation Americas LLC

Italico Aviation, an Italy-based airplane manufacturer, has expanded their business to Kissimmee, FL to manufacture and sell sports light aircraft that are simple to fly.

InnovAviation is an aviation manufacturing company that designs and manufacture light sports aircraft to be assembled in the North America Market to start FX-1 and FX-1A with carbon intensive body structures and aluminum wing and tail surfaces with chrome moly sub frames.









Noi Caffe by Rico Foods Company

Offering delicious freshly ground gourmet coffee as you like it when you want it 24 hours a day through their clean and easily accessible coffee machines.  Noi Caffe is able to sell, rent, or locate coffee machines and supply the coffee. Serving University of Central Florida, Walgreens, and other institutions, Noi Caffe can be located at any public or private space.




Green Rest by PowerMag Therapy

Green Rest Therapeutic Mattresses are built with all natural and environmentally friendly materials for those who seek better night’s sleep in a clean and green environment. Laying on a therapeutic mattress encourages whole body relaxation by improving blood circulation, soothing aching joints and sore muscles, it helps reduce inflammation and supports natural healing. These therapeutic orthopedic mattresses are equipped with magnetic therapy, relaxing massages, smart density support, bio photon therapy, bamboo fabric, and 100% natural latex pillows.





WALO-DTP is a technology company that builds websites, create audio visual, design digital marketing and improve communication to reach new clients. WALO-DTP is able to create augmented and virtual reality marketing to market products and services with the most innovative technologies and develop brands and business projects. The mission of WALO-DTP is to improve how clients perceive businesses and their products. Some of the WALO-DTP clients are Samsung, 3M, KIA, Best Restaurants, Torcetex, and Saint-Gobain.




Desire Cement Tile

Desire Cement is a unique cement tile manufacturer with the ability to combine plain cement against an aggregate inlay in a single tile. Each tile is handmade, with the highest quality pigments, inputs, and craftsmanship. With over 150 original designs which can be arranged either as solid colors bordered with decorative tile or solid borders with a decorative fill and were recognized as one of the best products on the market by House Beautiful magazine.




Wood Slab Design

Wood Slab Design is a Brazilian company that creates unique, exclusive, and sophisticated hardwood products from sustainable raw materials from the Amazon Rainforest.

Their products are high-quality furniture made from wood extracted with innovative non-impact forestry practices to preserve the forest.




Team Gemini

Team Gemini works with communities, government, as well as public- and private-sector organizations and their leaders to develop solutions that integrate renewable energy, resource recovery and recycling, water conservation, and food production in a closed-loop sustainable relationship.

Team Gemini technologies take a waste stream (also known as feedstock), then remove the recyclables, and convert the balance into a series of resources, products, and power. This transformation process creates an excess of clean power, clean water, clean heat, and cooling that can be used to generate even more products and services at a very low cost.

Team Gemini develops sustainable industrial models that operate with a net-zero carbon footprint, guided by Corporate Social Responsibility and an alignment with the Triple Bottom Line.



Italo Mobili – Custom Made Italian Furniture

Italo Mobili, a Brazilian company specialized in high-end cabinetry for all rooms. Italo Mobili well-trained professionals will add value to your home or office by maximizing space usage, personalizing it and make your home as good-looking as it is useful. Established in 1992 and located in Sao Paulo, the company’s primary focus has been the creation of smart solutions that are both functional and reflective of our clients’ personal style. Partnered with MASISA, certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Italico Mobili guarantees to their clients a high variety of hardwood and plywood material hinges, drawer slides and cabinet organizers.




Vertisa Environmental Technologies

Vertisa develops medical waste sterilization related solutions for medical waste treatment facilities, hospitals, laboratories, research centers and medical industries in general. Vertisa designs, manufactures, develops, distributes and sells Fully Automated pressurized thermal Sterilization Technology for Medical Waste treatment for Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, and Sterilization Centers and medical industries worldwide.



Smartx Technology Inc.

Smartx Technology Inc. is a system integrator specializing in developing solutions for enterprise real-time traceability and asset management. The team of Smartx has in-depth knowledge about the Rain RFID technology, identification tags, and asset track and trace solutions using barcode, NFC, passive, active, and semi-active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy Tags, and smart technologies among others.